One portal for all your platforms

CollectPro works by integrating your online sales and delivery management process into a unified, time-saving portal, removing the disconnect between your website or online seller accounts and the postage and delivery booking process.

As soon as an order comes into your eBay store, Amazon shop, or even your WooCommerce or Shopify-based website, CollectPro is updated with the buyer details. This will allow you to quickly and accurately process postage and book a collection in a couple of clicks, for a massive reduction in time and effort spent on order processing, and a rapid, reliable delivery experience that your customers will love.

How does the CollectPro integration work?

CollectPro works in tandem with your website and online seller accounts. We’ve partnered with the biggest names in eCommerce to ensure that wherever and however you’re selling online, you can use the CollectPro service to save time, money and hassle on your small business parcel sending. You can link as many or as few services as you need – no matter the size of your operation, using the CollectPro software will save you time and hassle.

Step 1 – You Connect

We’ve developed API integrations for the most popular eCommerce platforms, so you can not only get started right away, but add other platforms as your business grows.

We’ve provided setup guides for each platform, and we’re here to help you if you get stuck, but in most cases it’s simply a matter of logging into your seller account and letting our software do the work.

Once connected, you’re set!

Step 2 – Your Customers Select

Your websites, online stores and marketplace products will all function as before – no further changes are needed. All that’s happned is that now you’ve allowed CollectPro to communicate with your store. Your customers can browse, shop and pay as normal – the magic happens when their orders are automatically pulled into the CollectPro portal.

You can then choose a postage service, which will automatically generate a shipping label with your customer’s details, and book a collection direct from your door – the same day if it’s before the 12 noon cutoff.

Step 3 – We Collect

Our local collection vehicles will be automatically notified of your collection, and will pick up the parcel direct from your door – no more trips to the parcel drop-off shop or the post office.

The CollectPro software also allows you to quickly and easily view tracking information and delivery updates, as well as supply this information to your customers. That’s hours saved on parcel processing operations each week!

It’s really that simple.
Why not try CollectPro and find out?

Signing up for a CollectPro account is free. Our software integration is free. You only pay for the postage costs of any items you send with us – the same as you would by continuing to use your existing order postage solution, but without the benefit of hassle-free order processing, same-day collection and access to premium shipping services with no minimum sending volume…

…so what do you have to lose?