Using Linnworks to manage your eCommerce empire? Why not add CollectPro integration to allow your delivery management staff to quickly and easily create shipping labels, book postage and manage collections in just a few clicks.

CollectPro synchronises with your Linnworks order management system to turbocharge your parcel processing, giving your customers the best possible delivery experience regardless of which of your channels they purchase from.

Get started with Linnworks

If you’re selling a large range of products across multiple online marketplaces, Linnworks can help you by aggregating your orders, managing your inventory and consolidating your workflow. In combination with CollectPro, you could optimise the process of customer orders, from basket to delivery, to ensure the best possible customer experience.

How does the CollectPro Linnworks integration work?

We’ve designed CollectPro from the ground up to make sending your customer orders as smooth as possible, allowing you to access our same-day collections and add multiple carrier parcels to the same collection vehicle, while still leveraging the leading functionality of the Linnworks software to manage your order processing.

Step 1 – You Connect

CollectPro sits as a carrier option on your Linnworks platform, to allow you to continue using Linnworks’ inventory management and carrier management functionality, while also accessing our same-day collection service. You can add parcels from multiple carriers and service types to a CollectPro collection, simplifying your parcel pickups.

Step 2 – Your Customers Select

And that’s it – once your customer places an order, simply select

Step 3 – We Collect

Our local collection vehicles will be automatically notified of your collection, and will pick up the parcel direct from your door.

The CollectPro software also allows you to quickly and easily view tracking information and delivery updates, again, all from within Linnworks.

Why should you use CollectPro?

Fully integrated for unparalleled speed, accuracy and responsiveness on parcel processing

Flexible daily or ad-hoc collections no matter how high or low your weekly parcel sending volumes

Same-day collections for true next-day delivery and the best service for your customers

Collections direct from your door – no more trips to the post office or parcel drop-off shop

Responsive application platform across any device or screen size – act fast even when you’re not at your desk

Full tracking information and status updates for quick, easy reference for customer queries

Let CollectPro take the hassle out of your Linnworks parcel sending. See how much you could save here: