CollectPro isn’t just a courier service, and it isn’t just a software platform. It’s both – combining time and hassle-saving software automation with reliable local logistics, to deliver a high-quality exerpience for our clients and their customers. Where national courier companies concentrate on volume and coverage, getting as many vehicles on the road across as broad an area as possible, with the software side of the operation – the part that the customer actually interfaces with – being a secondary concern, our approach is to ensure a first-class client experience. From an intuitive and accessible software portal that saves time and hassle, through our partnerships and integrations with industry-leading eCommerce platforms and logistics services, CollectPro ensures that our clients and their customers have a seamless, hassle-free experience, from point of order processing right through to delivery.

Time-saving software integrations

It can be a pain to process your online orders and book parcel delivery to get your customers the items they’ve ordered. It’s a time-consuming, repetitive manual process with the potential for human error, that takes up time that could be better spent on building your business.

If you’re selling across multiple platforms, then it can be a real headache. That’s where CollectPro comes in, seamlessly integrating with your website, eBay / Amazon / Etsy stores, or whichever other channel you’re selling on, to streamline your order processing.

Same-day collections – faster delivery

Most “next day” services are “next-day after handling”, so if the parcel is collected after a cut-off time, it won’t be handled until the next day, and delivered the day after that. Same-day collections are often reserved for large-volume senders or only available at premium price tiers.

Because we can offer same-day collection to senders of any size, your customers will get their orders sooner, helping you provide a high-quality delivery experience.

Start from just 5 parcels per week

The majority of large couriers are only willing and able to offer direct accounts to senders who meet minimum sending thresholds. To many small businesses, these sending volumes are restrictive and means they’re unable to access a direct account.

This leaves them unable to access direct customer services, eCommerce integrations, flexible parcel collection options and other vital time and cost-saving features.

With CollectPro, there are no minimum sending volumes, meaning benefits including daily colelctions, same-day collection and software integration are available to all of our clients, with generous tiered pricing levels to ensure our service scales with your business.

Talk to real people

We know the pain of navigating through an automated phone system, only to end up being given a recorded message directing you to a “help” page on the internet.

That’s why we provide a customer service ticketing system, integrated into the CollectPro portal, with a 2-hour response time, as well as telephone support.

Whether you’re querying a delivery or need help setting up and optimising your CollectPro workflow, we’re here to help.

No more trips to the post office

Wouldn’t you rather be doing absolutely anything else than standing in queues with a bundle of parcels?

With CollectPro, we collect direct from your door, either on a daily or flexible basis, depending on your requirements. You’ll get a regular timeslot and driver, for a predictable, reliable service.

Your CollectPro driver will take all of the parcels you’ve booked through us, regardless of which carrier or service you’ve selected. One collection, multiple carriers – so no more parcel sorting confusion.

Hassle-free booking

As soon as you process a parcel through our CollectPro software, it will automatically generate a shipping label and add your parcel to the next available collection.

If you don’t have a collection booked already, it will automatically be booked. You can continue adding parcels to the same collection right up until the driver arrives to collect them, and it’s all done automatically by the software, leaving you free to concentrate on selling and building your business.

No hidden fees or surcharges

It’s common for courier services to tack on additional charges to their “headline” pricing, including fuel surcharges and residential delivery surcharges. Not us. With CollectPro, the price we’ll quote is the price you pay.

You’ll get a simple, transparent weekly invoice. As long as your parcels are correctly labelled, packaged and don’t contain any banned or restricted items, you won’t face any shocks.

Try for yourself with no obligation

No minimum terms, no ongoing fees, no commitments and no hassle