Self-care, stress management and looking after mental health have always been important considerations for small business owners. As we find ourselves in the Year Of The Apocalypse, commonly known as 2020, it’s become more apparent than ever that work-related worry, stress and anxiety are impacting the work and home life of small business owners. With 10th October being World Mental Health Day, we’re taking a look at what measures can be taken to build positive habits, manage workday stresses, and promote wellbeing throughout the whole year.
Know where to draw the line
Working habits, locations and practices have changed dramatically with the onset of COVID-19; from enforced lockdown to greater flexibility in working from home, the lines between the workplace and home have become more blurred than ever.
It’s critical for small business owners to define clear distinctions between their working and personal time and areas, especially when options for social and leisure venues outside of the home are limited. Knowing when to switch off from work, including work-related emails, phone calls and social media, and making uninterrupted time for family, proper meals, rest and leisure is key to managing stress.
…but stay connected
The feeling of isolation of home-working, whether by choice or enforced can be damaging to a person’s mental wellness. Even if they were previously home-based or solo working before the onset of COVID-19, the limited availability of social venues and strict rules around socialising can cause a person to begin feeling cut off. Social contact is hugely important for mental wellbeing, and it’s crucial for small business owners to make time to talk with others, whether it be via phonecall, Zoom, Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook… make use of your network to maintain support, and help support others.

Everyone is attempting to present the impression of “business as usual” but being part of a strong support network is key to making that a reality.

Re-evaluate and Reflect
We have a tendency to accept certain workday hardships as part of the process, but in times of increased stress, it can be beneficial to examine our working practices, supplier and service provider relationships to see if there are better ways of doing things. At present, when all the news seems to be bad and freedom feels limited, the overarching negativity can magnify the that minor inconveniences and undesirable tasks have on the brain. Therefore, by finding ways to streamline processes, save time and reduce hassle, business owners can not only improve their performance, but also generate the “little wins” that create a positive emotional reaction in the brain.
The Collect Group are committed to supporting small business owners with ways to take some of the stress out of their workdays – feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you save time, money and hassle.