CollectPro is a custom software platform, backed by robust local collection services, that gives small businesses, eCommerce store owners and marketplace sellers more time to work on building their business. Instead of taking parcels to the post office, standing in queues when you get there, and sitting in traffic on the way back, the convenient, easy CollectPro software portal integrates with your online store or seller accounts to consolidate all your orders into a simple feed. Here, you can check incoming orders, compare shipping services and pricing, and book parcel collection, all within a couple of clicks. Then, one of our local collection drivers will collect your parcels within a designated time slot – the same day if booked pre-12 noon – ready to be shipped to your customers. Simple, reliable, convenient and hassle-free.

If you’re selling online and shipping more than five items a week, then CollectPro can save you time, money and hassle

How do CollectPro parcel collection services work?

We’ve designed CollectPro from the ground up to make sure comparing shipping service pricing, sending parcels and arranging collection is as simple and user-friendly as possible. Our proprietary software platform and local logistics work in tandem to create a hassle-free order processing and delivery management experience. Not only will you be able to process your customer orders faster and with less hassle than before, but with same-day collection (no matter whether you’re sending 1 or 100 items), your customers will receive their orders faster, too.

Step 1 – You Connect

CollectPro uses an API to integrate with your online selling channels and accounts, in order to pull through order and customer details. Whether you’re selling on your own company website, online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, or a combination of mulitple channels – CollectPro lets you integrate one, two or many into the same intuitive customer portal via a quick, painless authorisation procedure.

Step 2 – Your Customers Select

And that’s it – now, as soon as a customer places an order on one of your items, the CollectPro integration will sync the order details, allowing you to quickly check the order details, compare and select delivery services, book a collection and generate a shipping label – all within a couple of clicks.

Step 3 – We Collect

Our local collection vehicles will be automatically notified of your collection, and will pick up the parcel direct from your door. If the collection is booked before your cut-off time, we’ll collect the same day, and you can keep selling, and keep adding more parcels to the collection right up until the driver arrives.

The CollectPro software also allows you to quickly and easily view tracking information and delivery updates, as well as supply this information to your customers. That’s hours saved on parcel processing operations each week!

Why should you use CollectPro?

Fully integrated for unparalleled speed, accuracy and responsiveness on parcel processing

Flexible daily or ad-hoc collections no matter how high or low your weekly parcel sending volumes

Same-day collections for true next-day delivery and the best service for your customers

Collections direct from your door – no more trips to the post office or parcel drop-off shop

Responsive application platform across any device or screen size – act fast even when you’re not at your desk

Full tracking information and status updates via the portal for quick, easy reference for customer queries

Sounds good, right? Check out our Get A Quote page, where you can check your postcode area is covered by CollectPro, and get a price to see how much you could save