Many retailers continue to deliver parcels to customers, and the volume of deliveries has increased as the public turn to online shopping in wake of “non-essential” stores closing. It may seem like it’s “business as usual”, but there are some important changes and considerations that everyone should be aware of.
Social distancing guidelines mean that the way in which you’re used to receiving parcels will have changed. Delivery drivers will now ring your doorbell and step back to a recommended distance of two metres, in respect of social distancing guidelines, and instead of handing you the parcel, will place it on the ground.

Where a signature is required, the driver would normally pass you their handheld device to digitally sign for the package, however during this time they may simply ask for your name and confirm the delivery themselves, to prevent the device being handled by multiple people.

If you live in an apartment building, the driver may request that you come down to the main entrance to receive your parcel where they would normally bring it up to your floor. Again, this is in respect of social distancing, as it may not be possible to adhere to these guidelines in narrow corridors. It’s for the benefit of other residents as well as it means that door handles, lift buttons etc are not contaminated by outside visitors.
It’s good practice to wash your hands thoroughly and throw away the packaging after opening your delivery. Although it is not considered likely that the virus can live on packaging materials for an extended period, every step you can take to minimise your risk of infection is worthwhile.
In terms of service levels, there’s a likelihood of slippage to service levels due to short-staffing, travel restrictions and other factors of the COVID-19 limitation procedures, so services like Guaranteed by 10am Next Day, for example, may not be available. Tracking services will be available as normal, so you’ll still have full visibility of your delivery status.
If you miss your delivery, rather than visiting the depot or handling office to collect your parcel, it’s advisable to arrange a re-delivery for a day you know you’ll be at home, to limit exposure of yourself and others.

If you’re booking a collection or expecting a delivery during this time, please be aware that necessary concessions have had to be made to maintain a delivery service, and please be respectful and appreciative towards the drivers who are continuing to work every day to make it happen.

If you have any queries about service status and how it could possibly affect your online selling business, please feel free to contact us here.